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Custom Software Development

We are experts at custom software development to create solutions that make a difference. Are you ready to take your business to the next level with custom software development?

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Creative Thinking

Our creative minds are here to help visualise your product. FONSEKA produces professional results that stand out as bespoke designs. Our self-confessed perfectionists have a keen eye for practical design. As a result, all our designs are created through an iterative process to deliver the target look and feel of a product. We design with the industry, the target audience and usability in mind.


What do we develop?

Custom Software

For custom needs, we create custom software. The team has had our fair share of unusual requests requiring innovative products. The customisations can be dedicated to fix issues in a set of business processes or a specific function.

Bespoke Websites

FONSEKA produces high quality, professional website. Our websites are built with latest technology, security and best practices in mind. Our focus is to build sites that have measurable purpose with superior attention to detail.

Web & Mobile Applications

Our creations have tackled large scale organisational digital transformation projects and disruptive markets alike. A well-rounded approach, quality-first, collaborative effort is always topped off with on-time delivery.

Shopify Solutions

Shopify has been an outlet for massive success on the internet. The transformative efforts of online sales on traditional physical stores happen every week. Modern technology makes it easier than ever to capitalise on the huge opportunities.

Development Process

For custom needs, we provide custom software development. The FONSEKA team has had our fair share of unusual request requiring innovative products. We will take you through every step of the development journey - starting with design through to development, beta testing and live deployment. Here is a list of activities we perform during development:

UX/UI Design

We want to ensure your product has gone through the correct planning. With UX/UI design, we perform UX research, testing and design UI for a well thought-out and beautifully designed product.

Database Design

Having a structured database can help organise your information in an efficient way. This can also help improve the consistency & quality of your data making it more valuable to your business.

Design Prototype

Our designers will always provide a design prototype for stakeholders to review and test. These prototypes can help developers understand your process as well as allow target users to test the process flow.

Front-end Development

Our front-end process will begin when the design phase has completed. Our developers will turn the designs into reality and ensure all the views are accessible and correlates with the designs.

Back-end Development

The back-end will connect to the front-end and make sure all your process are correctly performed. With a number of quality assurance rounds, your process will work exactly as expected.

Security & Servers

Security is a major requirement with anything we build. Your data is incredibly valuable to your competitors. So keeping your data safe and regularly backed up in secure servers is essential.

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