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Tailored Digital Solutions For Education


Are you looking for solutions to enhance educational processes? Get started with your new digital solution for education by connecting with us today.

Our aim is to meaningfully collaborate with you in order to give your students or corporate employees the finest learning experiences possible, FONSEKA offers guidance with strategic roadmaps to implement sustainable digital transformation.

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Students, employees or contractors should have 24/7 secure access to engage with educational/training content which will result in improvements to self-esteem, motivation for learning and enhanced teamwork among other benefits.

We can develop software to be delivered through multiple channels ensuring inclusivity and flexibility to fit a students learning style.


FONSEKA aims to provide students and corporate workers with the best tailored learning experiences through improved engagement, access to online study material, ease of communication and remote access to all learning content!

In some industries, this is now the expectation to deliver on safety and technical requirements. It is simply the norm in a post-covid world!


Corporate training solutions to enhance workplace productivity and employee engagement. At FONSEKA we are focused on providing employees and contractors suitable training solutions through app development!

Software is built to fit the unique needs of a company so the pressure of learning and performing is effectively managed. With data security and ownership, our corporate clients our fully in control of their knowledge base & training experience.


From local schools to multinational companies, FONSEKA has a track record of producing unique apps. Your product's scope, strategy, implementation, and marketing can all be assisted by our team of knowledgeable advisors, designers, and developers. Our comprehensive service is unmatched.

We provide low cost assessment and risk management services to ensure that your investment in technology is worthwhile.

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